Rose Quartz

Chemical Formula: (SiO2)


Rose quartz has been carved since ancient times, and in modern times it has been used by crystal healers who attribute the properties of unconditional love and emotional healing to it if it is placed against the skin. Rose quartz is the translucent to transparent pink variety of quartz. Rose quartz rarely forms crystals, and is more commonly found as a massive aggregate. Its coloration has been attributed to traces of titanium, but it has also been speculated that it may come from traces of iron or manganese. When rose quartz with rutile inclusions is cut en cabochon, it may display a phenomenon known as asterism, which is the same effect that is demonstrated by a star sapphire. Significant sources come from Madagascar, Brazil, Sweden, Namibia, Russia, Spain, Scotland, and California and Maine.

Metaphysical Properties

Love, gentleness, emotional healing, release of stress, uniting with the divine.