Native Element


No. 83 on the Periodic table of elements, Bismuth is a popular crystal amongst gem collectors and novices alike.  Bismite ore material is found predominately in Germany or Australia, and is then melted.  The element’s low melting temperature aids in separation from the ore, and is then recrystallized with pressure and temperature influences.  When the material is slowly pulled from the melt, the bismuth crystallizes in stepped, uniform stalactites.  The purest Bismuth when pulled out of this melt immediately oxidizes, or tarnishes, in a rainbow spectrum. Commercially, Bismuth is used in fire sprinkler systems and is most well known as the ‘biz’ in Pepto Bismol antacids, making it the only non-toxic heavy metal on the elemental chart! Bismuth also has the record for longest half-life decay, making it an element that will live well past human existence, perhaps further!

Metaphysical Properties

Metaphysically, Bismuth resonates with all chakras, however, has a pulling force with the sacral chakra.  When faced with dilemmas, bismuth aids as a morality compass and helps us listen to our guteral instincts.  Working on a group project?  Keep bismuth in the middle of you and your partners and let the creativity and direction flow! This element is a great tool for unlocking creative blocks, thinking outside the box and problem solving from multiple angles.